Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 10 pro-Jerry Brown twitter accounts

Last week I posted the Top Ten pro-Whitman twitter accounts (which turned out to be closer to 15). 

Today I'm posting the Top Ten pro-Jerry Brown twitter accounts. Here is the list, in no particular order.

@sterling4jb Spokesman Sterling Clifford.  This guy follows just a handful of people, and doesn't tweet.  Dude, this is 2010. 
@steve4jerry Campaign manager Steven Glazer.  (His twitter talent is modest... check out his page and see for yourself.)
@SFLila staffer for Jerry Brown
@annebgust Jerry Brown's wife
@mutgoff an astonishing 293,000 followers - has a quasi-official role with the Brown campaign
@NickVelasquezCA staffer for Jerry Brown - prolific and talented, but isn't good at estimating crowds.
@Reelpolitik Jeremy Thompson, new media consultant for Dems
@LTPF2010 coalition of unions and left-wing activists
@MegaMyths Sometimes funny and interesting, this twitter account is run by the Brown campaign -- but with under 100 followers it is mostly off the radar.

Criteria to make the list: most of the tweets have to be about the gov campaign, and/or the account has an official affiliation with the campaign.

Email me if you have other suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love all the tweets coming from Jerry's peeps! Have actually been busily trying to keep them all in forefront with the RTs wherever possible. Further, I am taking all the interesting stuff I find and featuring it on the San Joaquin County For Jerry Brown Facebook page. Twitter has been by far, the BEST resource for all things Jerry!

No Moonbeam said...

If you are interested, here is the link the link anonymous is talking about:
San Joaquin County for Jerry Brown Facebook page   Good use of social media for Jerry Brown supporters but as of 11:00 AM today, there are just 76 followers.