Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top 10 pro-Whitman twitter accounts

OK, there are more than 10 on my list of the most important pro-Whitman twitter accounts.  But if you are looking for great info on the governor's race from a pro-Whitman viewpoint, here are the top twitter accounts you need to follow. 

Most of the people on my list happen to be paid Whitman staff, but not all of them.  Here is my list, in no particular order.

@GenMVolunteers coalition of young professionals, entrepreneurs who support Whitman 
@HectorMBarajas spokesman for Whitman campaign
@RobStutzman spokesman for Whitman campaign
@DarrelNg spokesperson for Whitman campaign
@NoMoonbeam  That's me.  I give you up-to-date info on the election for gov
@FakeJerryBrown the funniest twitter account covering California politics, hands-down
@richardcostigan deputy campaign manager for policy
@sarahpompei  Meg Whitman's press secretary
@magicgus real name: Henry Gomez - senior communications advisor
@tuckerbounds I can't figure out what this guy does for the campaign but he has more than 800 followers
@Murphy4MegNews senior advisor Mike Murphy's account focused on gov's race
@MillanPatterson statewide field director

The criteria to make my list: need to give good info, be interesting, and, most of the tweets need to be about the Gov race.

I might do a list of top MSM twitterers covering the race next week, if I don't get busy putting other stuff on the blog.  And after that, I might put together a list of pro-Brown twitterers.

Other suggestions?  Email me.  As the election gets closer I'll update the list.

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