Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going inactive... thank you, followers

I started this blog trying to do what I could to help prevent Jerry Brown from getting elected governor in November.  The voters made their decision and now that the election is over, this blog is going inactive.  A big Thank You to all of you who read the blog and emailed... and a big thanks to everyone --  all 471 -- who followed me on Twitter.

Monday, November 8, 2010

California borrows $40 million a day from federal government to pay Unemployment Insurance

California is headed toward insolvency, and with the state borrowing big bucks to send out unemployment checks, the state's politicians have no idea how to create private sector jobs.  Jim Hoft posted this info from AP:
With one in every eight workers unemployed and empty state coffers, California is borrowing billions of dollars from the federal government to pay unemployment insurance.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the state owes $8.6 billion already, and will have to come up with a $362-million payment to Washington by the end of next September.

The continued borrowing means federal unemployment insurance taxes are going to increase, upping the annual payroll costs $21 a year per worker.

California tops the list of 32 states that have borrowed a total of $41 billion to pay claims.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cartoon of the day

No bailouts for irresponsible big spenders

Tweeted this on Saturday.

It's just a matter of time til the state can't pay its bills and the politicians will ask the feds for a bailout. Too bad, the responsible states that have already started making cuts won't go along.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Insanity in California

This Michael Ramirez cartoon expresses how a lot of us feel about the election of Jerry Brown as governor.

Jerry Brown has spent 40 years in politics so he has no idea how to create a private sector job.  Can't understand why voters have put big-spending Dems in charge of the state senate, the state assembly, and the governorship.   Worse, all elected Dems in this state owe their careers to the public sector unions, so they have zero motivation to cut spending or cut pension benefits as needed.