Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SEIU, other unions launch statewide radio campaign for Moonbeam

A group composed of several unions has launched a statewide radio ad program on behalf of Moonbeam.

Working Californians, an independent expenditure committee, will begin a radio ad campaign on behalf of Jerry Brown today. The campaign is designed to run four weeks and will take place in radio markets across the state. Working Californians represents a coalition that includes the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Service Employees International Union.

“Our research show us that voters are eager to hear more about Jerry Brown and why he is the best choice for governor of our state, “ said Marvin Kropke, Business Manager of IBEW Local 11 and co-chair of Working Californians. “We believe that these radio ads make the case that Jerry Brown is the only candidate with the experience and the values to succeed in this critical time.”

Working Californians was formed in 2006 to support causes and candidates that improved the quality of life for average Californians.


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