Saturday, April 24, 2010

AFL-CIO to launch campaign to elect Jerry Brown

Art Pulaski, AFL-CIO chief, says his mega-union has planned an aggressive campaign to mobilize union members to elect Moonbeam.
California AFL-CIO chief Art Pulaski told me that they will put on a big effort to mobilize union members and provide ground forces for the overall Democratic campaign on behalf of Brown and other candidates. And that their negative focus is on Whitman...

In fact, they've already prepared materials for communication to their members, with three flyers. One is pro-Brown, citing the attorney general for "A Lifetime of Fighting for Working Families." Two are anti-Whitman, with one calling her "Miss Fortune," with the now notorious magazine cover photo of the billionaire in riding gear with the rented horse. The other, called "Wall Street Whitman," goes through her strongly pro-corporate positions and her unhappy tenure on the board of Goldman Sachs.

And this week, union members begin showing up at Whitman events, starting with her string of fundraisers with Mitt Romney, her longtime mentor who came up with the idea for her to run for governor of California.

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