Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sacramento Bee prints union propaganda as news

I know the Sacramento Bee has been hard hit with layoffs, but what is their excuse for publishing a union-backed study as news?

Check this:  Bee reporter Bobby Caina Calvan wrote an article published in the Bee titled California nurse-staffing law saves lives, study says

Read the article and you realize Calvan did little more than transcribe a freeaking press release from the CNA, one of the labor unions working to elect Jerry Brown.

And the reporter even quotes Shirley Toy, described in the Bee piece as a registered nurse at U.C. Davis Medical Center.

"One less patient makes a big difference," said Shirley Toy, a registered nurse at the UC Davis Medical Center.

"The less patients you have, the more time you have to spend with a patient," she said. "And if you're the patient, you want your nurse to give you all the care you need."
Google much, Bobby?  Shirley Toy is not just a nurse, she is a CNA activist.  She showed up at at the Meg Whitman protest over the weekend.  And she managed to get quoted by AP reporter Juliet Williams.  And in this piece published in the New York Times.  Toy also managed to get herself quoted by a reporter last year after the CNA filed suit over patient ratios  (see here).  Shirley does get around.

By the way, the CNA was so pleased with Calvan they posted his article on their web site -- but spelled his name wrong, ha!

I'll keep my eye on lazy reporters like Bobby Caina Calvan from the Bee and Juliet Williams from the AP.

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