Monday, April 26, 2010

Jerry Brown campaign stumbles on Univision

The Jerry Brown campaign embarrassed itself over the weekend in a televised debate between the Whitman campaign and the Jerry Brown campaign broadcast statewide on Univision.  Apparently without any Spanish-speaking people on staff, the Brown campaign borrowed somebody from the Democratic party, who unfortunately for Moonbeam, could not answer the simplest questions about Brown's plans to create jobs.

Eric Hogue has posted the transcript of the amazing interview.

The Univision hosts are Johanna Sanchez and Santiago Lucero. The campaign surrogates are Hector Barajas (Meg Whitman) and Tenoch Flores (Jerry Brown), the current Democrat Party Communications Director.  

Check out this partial transcript::

Johanna (host):  How does Jerry Brown plan to create jobs?

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): Jerry Brown has the experience, he is speaking with community groups. Groups like the Latino community, groups of workers, educators, and he is meeting with them to find out what we can do to have a budget that works for all of California.

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): The reality is that Jerry Brown does not have a plan. More than 40 years. (Tenoch interrupts)…wait, wait left me finish. More than 40 years in state government and now he is getting together with people, they are trying to find out, trying to find out what they want, what they are going to do (This was being said in a mocking way). The thing is, if he is not ready to be a leader than he needs to step to the side. There are seven Democrats running to be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. And at this point, he has already been Governor, Mayor of Oakland, if he doesn’t know what he is going to do and he doesn’t have a plan, than why doesn’t just say that?

Santiago (host): Let me interrupt. Tenoch.

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): Jerry Brown has been accused of various things and one of them is that he does not have specifics. But he does have specifics….(Hector interrupts)

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): Where are they? We don’t see them. Where are they? (Santiago interrupts)

Santiago (host): There are some independent voters, and this question will also be for Tenoch and also for you Hector. They understand Brown’s long record, his dedication to California, and they say that today they prefer Meg Whitman, because she has experience in the business world and can create jobs.

My question is to you Hector, if she comes from this corporate world, this world also lets go of people, when things go wrong. The criticism that Meg Whitman receives is that she cannot lead a state as if she were the president of a corporation, in this case like if she was in charge of eBay.

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): Knowing how to balance a budget is important, that not only occurs in business, but in our own households. At the same time, knowing that if certain programs are no longer functioning or moving our cause forward, you need to cut them.

(Santiago interrupts)

Santiago: She has said that she will let go of 40,000 state workers. So she begins with a plan to let go of people.

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): It is about not filling those empty slots, but at the same time, knowing what programs are no longer working. If we create a program today, it will never end. If the program stops functioning in five years, why fund them? That is part of the problem we have, we have programs after programs after programs. And if we are talking about Jerry Brown’s experience, what type of experience did he have when he was in Oakland? Debts, higher homicide rates, and when he was the governor of California he left us with a debt.

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): That is not true. Jerry Brown when he was governor of California, there were new jobs created in California, we began to invest in clean energy, which is something important for this state (gets interrupted by Hector).

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): In 1976?

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman):  And let me just say, Meg Whitman begins with cutting 40,000 jobs, there are 2.6 million people without jobs (Hector interrupts).

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): So how are we going to balance the budget, with the $20 billion? How? That is what I want to know.

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): Cutting 40,000 jobs is not the solution, how can you do that?


Santiago (host): I believe every gubernatorial candidate is going to have a difficult time solving the $20 billon deficit. Tenoch, I want to let you respond, he stated that he would not raise taxes and he is not inclined to make drastic cuts, how do we solve this? (Johanna interrupts)

Johanna (host): There won’t be taxes, unless the public wants them.

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): That is the thing of cuts again, I don’t understand that when there are more than 2 million unemployed Californians, Meg Whitman wants to eliminate those jobs. There are solutions there. Jerry Brown knows the solutions, knows the people, and knows what is needed to make progress in this area. We have a broken budgetary process. It needs to be fixed. It is very difficult and I believe Meg Whitman does not have the experience or knows how to solve it. It is very difficult to be in charge of a large company and be governor, and Meg Whitman really doesn’t have that experience.

Johanna (host): We were looking at the webpages for each of the gubernatorial candidates and we could not find anything concrete on Brown’s plan to stimulate the economy or to close the budget deficit.

Santiago (host): There is a difference with Meg Whitman, who has specific points.

Tenoch Flores (Brown spokesman): Yes, and Meg Whitman also has more than a billion dollars to do this. We saw that she had a book of solutions, but it had more pictures than anything else. Jerry Brown has specifics, what he doesn’t have is more than a billion dollars to spend on TV and radio ads, and to send this book to the state libraries.

Johanna (host): Meg Whitman gets accused of trying to buy the Governorship.

Hector Barajas (Whitman spokesman): These are the facts, we have already used up 15 minutes in this interview and we don’t know from when we stared to now, what Jerry Brown is planning to do.

Ouch!  Click here for the full transcrip, including video clips.

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