Friday, April 23, 2010

Great!... another public employee union endorses Jerry Brown

First it was SEIU, then the California Nurses Association.  The latest big union to endorse Moonbeam is the California Professional Firefighters.  From their press release yesterday:

When interviewing the candidates, CPF pushed hard on the issues that will make a difference in the lives of its members: retirement security, safety on the job, collective bargaining rights and funding for state and local disaster response.

In all of these areas, Brown stood out.

•Retirement security: Brown was the only candidate who stood fast in support of a secure pension for firefighters and their families; 

•Collective bargaining: Brown was the only candidate committed to working with employees through the collective bargaining process;

•Fire service resources: Brown was the only candidate who supported finding more resources to save our endangered mutual aid response.

"Jerry Brown doesn't run down public employees ... he stands up for them," said Paulson.

Fire service resources sounds good -- putting out fires -- but you can bet it translates into empire building: more unionized employees, bigger adminstrative buildings, more equipment.  Meanwhile the state government will go bankrupt.

Pictured above is CPF president Lou Paulson.

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