Sunday, June 13, 2010

Objectivity at the Sacramento Bee

Gotta love the objectivity and balance coming from Sacramento Bee "senior editor" Dan Morain. In today's Sac Bee, Morain previewed the 2010 race for California governor.

In his 32-paragraph story laying out the campaign, Morain interviewed just one expert: Art Pulaski.

Pulaski is an AFL-CIO organizer in California who is on record saying his organizion plans to spend money and mobilize union members to defeat Whitman.

Check out this paragraph:

"She is in a different class, a different class of people. People will begin to see that," Art Pulaski, head of the California Labor Federation-AFL-CIO, told me. "She breathes different air than the rest of us."

Morain didn't go to the trouble of finding somebody with an opposing view to quote.  Just union-boss Pulaski.

Which means Morain's piece today is nothing but DNC, pro-union talking points.

Dan Morain's background as a long-time lefty will be a subject for later posts on this site.


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