Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sacramento Bee revises headline to follow Dem talking points, implying the Whitman campaign admitted to wrong-doing

As the election gets closer, you can count on the media to do all in its power to keep the Democrats in power..

Check out what the Bee did Wednesday to the breaking news about Whitman's dealing with the illegal immigrant.

The first three words of the original headline - "Whitman unknowingly employed..." remain in the url.   (Click the image below to enlarge.)

Sometime after the piece was posted on the web, the headline was changed, deleting "unknowingly."

Below is a screen grab of the headline - "Whitman employed illegal immigrant, campaign says"- as it ran most of Wednesday:

The original headline follows the campaign's version that Whitman didn't know the housekeeper was illegal -- which is an understandable and reasonable position since the housekeeper was hired through an agency and the housekeeper had falsified documents. 
The revised headline puts an anti-Whitman spin on the issue, implying the Whitman campaign had just confessed to wrong-doing.  Which it hadn't.
Coincidentally, Gallup released a poll on Wednesday showing the public's distrust of media is at a record high.

I don't trust the Sacramento Bee to fairly report the news, and Wednesday's headline change one more reason.

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