Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LA lawyer Allred to file lawsuit against Whitman *updated: Whitman fired illegal immigrant who gave false information

This post has been updated several times, keep scrolling for updates.

LA lawyer Gloria Allred is apparently filing a lawsuit against Meg Whitman on behalf of a former housekeeper.  Sound kinda familiar?  Allred also surfaced during '03 recall w/allegations against Schwarzenegger.

People should wait and see how this plays out before leaping to conclusions.

Update #1: Whitman team is holding a presser, says the housekeeper confessed in '09 that she wasn't a legal citizen.  Had provided false information and was fired.

Whitman team is also pointing out Allred has been a Jerry Brown donor since 1982.

So far the Whitman campaign is doing a great job staying ahead of the news on this Allred lawsuit.  We'll wait to see what Allred has to say.

Update #2:  Press conference underway and the lawsuit sounds lame as all getout.  The lawsuit alleges unfair working conditions, pregnancy discrimination, firing for poltical reasons.

Update #3: Whitman camp says they are about to debunk the Allred/Brown publicity attempt.

Update #4:  The Democrats have their new meme: Meg Whitman employed undocumented worker for 9 years.  And the Sacramento Bee is following right along with the Dem talking points:  Meg Whitman employed illegal immigrant, campaign says

Update #5: Duane Patterson's take:  let me get this straight. meg hires woman vetted through an agency, pays $23/hr, fires her when she learns she's illegal, & meg's bad?

Update #6: Michelle Malkin gets it wrong.  Whitman campaign response to the Allred press conference is here.

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