Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember how Jerry Brown asked the unions to do his dirty work? It's started.

Earlier this year Jerry Brown told union leaders he wanted them to attack Whitman so he could look like the nice guy.

Here is the video of Jerry Brown speaking to a group of labor leaders back in March.  Brown's request comes at about 40 seconds.

Like lapdogs, the unions are now following orders.

Politico is reporting SEIU will spend $5 million in an "independent expenditure" campaign targeted solely at Hispanic voters.  As ad buys go, that is major.

This tells you how corrupted our system is.  Democrats vote for big union contracts, and in return, the unions elect Democrats.  While union contracts are protected and Democrats keep getting elected, the taxpayer gets left holding the bag.

We need to sweep the whole lot of them out of power.

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