Thursday, August 19, 2010

Predictable: CNA to celebrate 90th anniversary of women achieving the right to vote by attacking Meg Whitman

Leftists will co-opt anything to advance their agenda.  Take the leftists currently running the California Nurses Association.  The CNA plans to celebrate the 90th anniversary women achieving the right to vote by -- what else -- attacking Meg Whitman.

Whitman is trying to become the first woman governor of California.  If elected, she would be the 33rd woman governor in the US.  Even Whitman's opponents -- most of them, I'm guessing -- wouldn't think of using the the anniversary of the 19th amendment ratification as an occasion to attack the woman who has the best chance of becoming the state's first female chief executive.

But no one has ever accused the hard-core lefties in charge at the CNA of being reasonable or decent.

From a CNA flyer:

These people are not in touch with rational faculties.

Yes, it will be your typical CNA street theater.  More details::

Of course, the pretext for the attack on Whitman is her admission that she rarely voted over the past 3 decades.  But the CNA would use any reason, no matter how flimsy, to attack Whitman.

The attack on Whitman based on her voting history will fail because elections are about the future, not the past.  And juvenile protests will turn off most voters.


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