Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jerry Brown to attend lavish fundraiser hosted by Code Pink wacko who attempted citizens arrest on Karl Rove

Not sure if Jerry Brown is desperate for campaign funds, but I doubt associating with a narcissistic moonbat like Jodie Evans is worth the campaign money he'll get from this event.

Will the MSM actually take note of Jerry Brown's friends and associates at the fundraiser?  Unlikely.

This crazed wacko actually attempted a citizens arrest on Karl Rove in March.   Below is video of Jodie Evans going on FOX News to talk about her showing up at a Karl Rove book signing -- with a pair of handcuffs -- in a failed attempt to arrest Rove.

More on Evans here.  Some people are organizing a counter-protest.

Judging by the address, Jodie Evans lives in a pricey mansion near the Pacific.  Funny how many of these lefties are multi-millionaires.

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