Sunday, August 15, 2010

Labor groups step up effort to defeat Whitman

A coalition of unions has launched another ad attacking Whitman.

A new anti-Meg Whitman ad is hitting the airwaves in the coming days, paid for by a coalition of labor groups loyal to Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown.

The new spot focuses on some of Whitman's legal troubles while at EBay and FTD, and charges that she used cash to pave over some of her legal troubles.

The spot focuses on an age discrimination suit filed against FTD while Whitman was chief executive and an incident at EBAYin which she was involved in a physical altercation with an employee.

Both legal claims were settled.

"For billionaire CEOs like Meg Whitman, money makes life's little problems disappear," the ad claims. The Whitman camp says there is no indication that cash was paid in the FTD incident.

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