Saturday, August 14, 2010

Law firm knee-deep in Bell pension scandal donated thousands to Jerry Brown

There are so many rocks in the Bell pension scandal that haven't been looked under yet.  The latest: looks like attorneys involved in the Bell pension scandal are Jerry Brown donors.

A law firm subpoenaed by the attorney general's office in its investigation of excessive pay in a Los Angeles County city gave $5,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Brown, a Democrat, subpoenaed tax and salary records this week from the city of Bell, along with records from its former law firm, Best, Best & Krieger.

A partner in the firm, Edward Lee, was Bell's city attorney and approved the pay, which included $1.5 million in annual pay and benefits to the city manager.

Finance reports show the firm gave Brown's campaign $5,000 in March. Two attorneys with the firm also gave Brown money: Michael Cowett contributed $500 in March and Brant Dveirin gave Brown $1,000 in April.

Brown campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford says the firm isn't accused of wrongdoing.
The Bell pension scandal is going to fuel the public anger at bloated government pensions.  And as this scandal unfolds I predict Jerry Brown and SEIU and the AFL-CIO and other people close to Brown will be exposed as enablers in the pension scandals.

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