Monday, August 9, 2010

Jerry Brown's investigation of Palin's CSU Stanislaus speech comes to a quiet end

Nothing like a press release issued on a Saturday.

Early Saturday morning, California attorney General Jerry Brown’s office eeked out a little news release that he was hoping no one would notice.

The ever-so-brief bulletin states that Sarah Palin’s June speech at California State University at Stanislaus ... ahem... did not break any laws.


Sarah Palin’s 40-minute speech to raise money for a cash-strapped university in California, sponsored by a PRIVATE foundation, and the fact that she received a stipend to do so, is legal. Attendees paid $500 apiece to happily come see her, also is perfectly legal.

In fact, there was absolutely NOTHING at all wrong or illegal with anything having to do with Palin’s appearance in California.

All this according to a regretful Jerry Brown, who is the state’s attorney general, a Democrat and oh yes, running for governor.
Jerry Brown should reimburse the taxpayers what he wasted on this politically-motivated "investigation."

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