Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jerry Brown launches investigation of Sarah Palin speaking fees, claims pure motives

Seriously?  Is it the business of the Attorney General to investigate the fees a private foundation is paying Sarah Palin
Jerry Brown, currently California's attorney general, announced last night that he has launched a "broad investigation" to find out how much a California State University foundation intends to pay Sarah Palin when the ex-Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate speaks at a campus benefit in June.
In a statement issued by his office, Brown insisted his investigation has nothing to do with politics. "This is not about Sarah Palin," he said. Rather, he said, he's concerned about maintaining "prudent fiscal management" of the state university foundation's funds. "We are taking this action to make sure that the money raised goes toward the intended educational purposes," Brown said.

Palin's fees are being covered by private donations, not public money.  So this is all about Brown's desire to whip up the anti-Palin Dem party base, and curry favor with the Palin-haters in the California media.  It is abuse of power, not unlike Brown making calls last week to pressure the Chamber of Commerce to drop an anti-Brown ad campaign.

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