Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey, another Jerry Brown accomplishment!... in the 70s, Moonbeam led the charge for conjugal visits

Here is a little tidbit from Jerry Brown's first go-round as governor from Dennis Wyattt at The Manteca Bulletin:

Jerry Brown’s Waterloo as a politician might just come from the corridors of Deuel Vocation Institution as well as the rest of California’s prisons.
Nothing strikes a raw nerve with voters more than pampering – perceived or otherwise – of convicted felons.

Brown can counter those who said he originally opposed Proposition 13 by noting he willingly accepted the will of the voters 100 percent and set about post haste to make it work. And if someone tries to resurrect the flap over his appointment of Rose Bird as the head the California State Supreme Court when she had no previous experiences as a judge and was stridently anti-death penalty, it will likely fall on deaf ears as most voters have either moved on or else were too young to remember what the political rumble was about.

The one thing that may stick to Brown from his first eight-year tour on the State Capitol governor’s office is his expansion of prisoner rights. More specifically Brown virtually led the charge to allow prisoners conjugal visits.

Read the background on Brown and conjugal visits here.

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