Saturday, June 26, 2010

About 100 assorted Dems and moonbats protest Sarah Palin's appearance at CSU Stanislaus *updated with new photos*

The Modesto Bee reports about 100 anti-Palin protesters showed up Friday in Turlock to protest Sarah Palin. Even though her speech will raise $200,000 for the non-profit CSUS Foundation, it is unbearable for tolerant lefties for Palin to appear anywhere in the state. I'll be posting photos from the event tonight Saturday.

The first photo shows a paper machet Palin figure in a miniskirt - a pinata.  Via Flickr.

Somebody pre-made a lot of the protest signs for the 100 protesters and stacked them up against a tree for protesters to select.  In the photo below, notice all the signs have wood sticks wrapped with gray duct tape.  (Photo credit: Darryl Bush / ModBee)

Below are protesters carrying some of the pre-made signs.  Again, notice the wooden sticks wrapped with duct tape.  Via Flickr.

Update: more photos from the protest are being published on blogs and Twitter and I have found some more to add.

Check out this classy sign made by a Moonbat pleased with her ability to refer to Palin as a "c**t".  Via @3StepsBack.  I believe the Moonbat holding the sign is Alicia Lewis, one of the CSUS students celebrated by the media for digging in the Foundation's dumpster looking for Palin documents.

I almost feel sorry for the guy in the photo below. His sign calls Palin an "idiot" but he sure looks like one lonely buffoon.  Via @3StepsBack

Another winner below.

Not sure kind of demented person would make a display like the one shown below.

Below is another Moonbat painting a classy sign.

Another update: while searching for photos of the protest I came across a left-wing group in Modesto called Valley Progressives. Turns out this group was one of the main organizers of the protest.  I'm guessing this group made the signs.  Valley Progressives put out this plea on its Facebook event page:

Sound permit verified. We need & request musical, dance, poet, & other acts. Clever signs & street theater. We need speakers to represent all groups at odds with Ms Palin's owners-handlers. Feminists, LGBT, immigrants, atheists, orthodox and nonorthodox faiths, environmentalists, labor, educators, retirees, etc.

Please invite all your friends!

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE TUESDAY, June 8, 7pm in Modesto. Let us know if you're interested or if any of your friends want to assist.

Thanks for all you do.

We need to protest the Fascist and corrupt powers that are trying dismantle Cal State Stanislaus and publicly funded education. Valley Progressives currently meet every Tuesday at 7pm.

Pre-made signs, out-of-town organizers, a Palin = c**t sign - even a paper machet Palin ... everything a group of 100 Moonbats would want.

That's it for now... I won't post any more photos from the protest unless I come across something extra noteworthy.


Jan said...

Among my favorite signs was "Get out of Iraq." Not sure if he was recycling an old sign or just didn't know quite why he was here.

It reminded me of the satire sign
"I can't believe we're still f***ing protesting the same s**t."

Admin said...

Yeah, a lot of these Moonbats can't be happy unless they get themselves worked up into an outrage about something.