Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos of the CNA protesters at Meg Whitman's home

Organized by the far-left California Nurses Association, throngs of anti-Whitman protesters went to Meg Whitman's home in Atherton Thursday to protest.  Like prior CNA protests, the union brought along professional actors for a predictable "Queen Meg" street theater routine.

Was this a shrewd move by the CNA?  No.

Going to a private residence to protest is a no-class stunt.  Not to mention a waste of union dues.

"The radical leadership of the California Nurses Association has decided to spend untold thousands of dollars from members’ dues on a stunt," said Sarah Pompei, a spokeswoman for Whitman. "How many nurses are being forced to use sick days to attend this political theater? While Meg believes it is important for all California nurses to know her true positions on the issues, she’ll focus on having a meaningful conversation without the partisan politics."
Below are some photos of the CNA stunt.

Thursday's protest might make the CNA leadership feel important but I have a hunch it isn't helping the CNA's preferred candidate, Jerry Brown, at all.  Going to someones private home is a major turnoff to most voters. 

By the way, Meg Whitman wasn't home to see the adolescents -- she was at a manufacturing plant in Southern California.

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