Thursday, July 15, 2010

California Nurses Association to protest at Meg Whitman's home

The adolescents in charge at the California Nurses Association plan to protest at Meg Whitman's home in Atherton today.

I have obtained a copy of a flyer promoting the CNA protest.  (Click to enlarge.)

Protesting at someone's home is a no-class tactic.

So far the CNA protests against Whitman have been unserious.  Previous protests have consisted of weird street theater consisting of rented Rolls Royces and actors portraying "Queen Meg" and other unknown characters who mock Whitman.  In the past the CNA has driven a $50,000 shrink-wrapped bus to the protests.  All paid for out of member dues.

The Whitman campaign launched a website for nurses which points out some of the outrageous uses of union dues by Rose Ann DeMoro and her lefty team at CNA.

I'm confident the majority of nurses -- not to mention a majority of California voters - are not impressed by the antics of the nurses union leaders.

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