Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you know this man?... CNA union thug shoves Whitman volunteers (video) - see updates!

Update: linked by BreitbartTV and The Lonely Conservative, thanks!

Update #2:  A geographical clue - the thug may be from the Bay Area.  Via John C. Drew:  "... This video was shot on the campus of Canada Community College on July 15, 2010. The CNA had just completed another rally in front of Meg Whitman's home in nearby Atherton, CA."

Update #3:  His name is Mike and he is a community organizer

Update #4:  Identified!  His name is Mike Griffing.

Do you recognize the man pictured below with the gray goatee and glasses wearing a CNA tee-shirt?

If you know who he is, send me the info.  He assaulted/harassed Whitman volunteers at a rally this week, all captured on the video below.  You can see him using his left hand to knock a camera out of one of the volunteers hands at 8 seconds and again at 12 seconds.  He returns later and shoves or hits the cameraman several more times.

Here is the video:

He is wearing a red CNA t-shirt that is starting to fade -- maybe because he has worn it to multiple CNA protests.  It shouldn't be hard to ID the guy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he's going to fail the Obama BMI directive. More taxes for Mr. Fat Fatty.

Admin said...

My advice - remember that cameras are your friend. Document the bullying and assaults.. When a goon knocks your camera away or shoves you, contact police and press charges. You will have video as evidence. Then post the video on the internet so everyone can see what the union thugs are doing. It's time to fight back.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a knuckle dragging missing link to me

Admin said...

I have some more info on this thug which I'll post Sunday.

R. N. Kinkead said...

He has a Michelle-Obama gorilla-like mandible.

He has a pen in his shirt which could easily penetrate someone's (or his) chest cavity.

He's all mass and no muscle, kyphotic and topheavy; trips easily over his own feet or anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

you guys sound like a bunch of pussies. walking around annoying hard working folks with your i-phones. i would have shoved it up your anal area. go mike go!