Sunday, July 18, 2010

Figures!... looks like the thug who shoved GOP volunteers isn't a nurse -- he is a community organizer

Yesterday I posted video of the unknown CNA thug who knocked a camera out of the hands of a GOP volunteer, then shoved or hit the volunteer.  I said I'd post any info about his identity.

Research is starting to pay off.  I don't know his full identity yet but what I have found indicates he is probably a community organizer, not a nurse.

I stumbled on the California Nurses Association Flickr page yesterday and came across this photo from a training event earlier this past spring.

The name on the name tag is Mike.

Mike is our goon, but he might not be a CNA goon.

This photo was taken at the "Nurses Organizing Institute 2010"  - which is some kind of training in community organizing.  By the name tag and the way he is holding up papers behind a podium it looks like he was a speaker or trainer.  (And what is it with Mike and pens?... in the top picture he has a pen clipped to his shirt collar, and in the next picture he has a pen clipped to his name tag.)  See a photo of the newly-trained Alinskyites holding up their certificates here.

So this thug might be some kind of field organizer with AFL-CIO or some other national union.  Who knows, maybe he is an ACORN graduate.

We're getting close to flushing out this rat so stay tuned.  Still would like more details -- if you have tips or more info on this clod, email me.

In case you missed it, here is the video of Mike knocking a camera out of the volunteers hands, then coming back to shove him.


Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is pretty common recently. This slime treats cameras like vampires treat wooden stakes.

We routinely provide a minimum of one "security person" per person taking video now; and we try to have women in the mix. Three months ago one of those guys tried the slap and shove routine and got a face full of pepper spray and a stunner just above the belt from a small woman tri athlete.

Admin said...

Mutiple cameras are a must. Adding "security people" is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your research. you are no mere blogger. you are a journalist in the best sense of the word, not like the lap dogs in the msm today.


Quilly_Mammoth said...

I don't think the guy is a nurse. Can you imagine a whiskey-voiced goon like that leaning over and asking "Can I help youse wid yur bandages?"?