Friday, April 9, 2010

Unscrupulous: Jerry Brown, top law enforcement officer in CA, personally pressures Chamber board to pull anti-Brown ad

Jerry Brown is acting like a third world dictator, abusing his office for political gain.  

When the California Chamber of Commerce launched an anti-Jerry Brown TV ad this week, left-wing groups predictably complained.  And left-wing media, like the Sacramento Bee, started handwringing.

But in my wildest imagination I never thought Jerry Brown would cross the line and intervene by pressuring the Chamber to stop the ad campaign.

But according to the Los Angeles Times, Brown personally telephoned board members and pressured them  to drop the ad.
The California Chamber of Commerce on Thursday said it would stop airing an ad attacking Jerry Brown amid objections from members of the organization, some of whom received calls from Brown and his wife demanding that the spot be removed.
Brown and his wife, former Gap Chief Operating Officer Anne Gust, had mounted a lobbying effort to get the chamber to pull the ad. Officials at multiple companies on the board of the chamber said they were contacted by the candidate or his wife. The officials requested anonymity for fear of further antagonizing Brown.

When Jerry Brown placed the calls, was he acting as a private citizen?  The board members know Brown has the power to launch a legal investigation into just about anything -- even Sarah Palin's speaking fees.  The Attorney General has no business pressuring anybody to drop an ad that criticizes the Attorney General. 

But don't expect Moonbeam's allies at the Sacramento Bee to moralize about Jerry Brown abusing his office.

By the way, if you want to see the ad, I posted it here.

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