Friday, April 9, 2010

Jerry Brown admits placing calls to chamber board members to "discuss" anti-Brown ad

According to Carla Marinucci at SFGate, Jerry Brown admitted on Friday he called Chamber of Commerce board members to complain about the anti-Brown ad launched by the chamber this week.

"I talked to some of my friends in companies that were shocked and did not know anything about fact, some were mislead into thinking it was some kind of educational program, not what was obviously a campaign ad."

Don't know yet if Brown was asked if it is proper for a sitting Attorney General to pressure an organization to drop an ad that critizes the AG.

Seems like reporters would be interested in whether a sitting Attorney General misued his office for political gain.  The chamber members he called must have been aware that the  AG's office could make serious trouble for their companies.  Marinucci, though, seems more interested that the company that produced the ad is from New Jersey. 

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