Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moonbeam goes on national TV, admits ignorance on Obama Care

Judging from his performance on MSNBC this week, Jerry Brown doesn't have a grasp of some issues that are important to California voters.

Matthews: Is this a good bill the president signed today?

Brown: It's 2200 pages. I haven't read it. I think it's a real step forward.

SACRAMENTO, CA -- California Republican Party Communications Director Mark Standriff today issued the following response to Jerry Brown's health care interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC:

"While it's no surprise that Jerry Brown hasn't read the health care bill, it's very telling that Jerry would admit his ignorance in a national interview--it's like saying 'I don't understand opera but it sure sounds purty.' It's the kind of loose-lipped logic that has become a staple of Brown's political repertoire.

"Jerry Brown also told Matthews that 'the attorney generals of this country ordinarily operate on a nonpartisan basis.' That's bold talk coming from an attorney general who has tried to score political points by suing practically every stakeholder in California's future. If partisanship is the divide then Jerry Brown is the Grand Canyon."

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