Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why some people wonder if the Jerry Brown campaign is some kind of joke

Jim Geraghty doesn't take the Moonbeam campaign seriously.
After two years of hearing that 72-year-old John McCain was too old to be president, the state is supposed to put the ball in the hands of a 71-year-old who's been in state government since 1971, who's emphasizing that "Sacramento isn't working," and who laments the "breakdown in Sacramento"? (Sir, if runaway partisanship is destroying the state government's ability to solve problems, I'd begin by blaming the state attorney general who took his own state's voters to court on Proposition 8.)

Anyway, as noted, if elected, this will be the second time around for Brown, who was governor during California's golden years of 1975 to 1982, the good old days of rising crime, disco, 10 percent unemployment, and Squeaky Fromme's assassination attempt. I was surprised to learn that his gubernatorial records are sealed until 2038.

This prompts the folks at the Republican Governors Association to start a petition and ask, "What has Brown done to you?"

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