Sunday, March 21, 2010

Massive public employee union SEIU set to endorse Jerry Brown

SEIU heard a pitch from Moonbeam yesterday, and looks like they'll anounce their endorsement Monday or Tuesday.

Union members had a chance to quiz the attorney general on how he would help the members if he's elected to the state's highest office.

“How would you approach and support strengthening collective bargaining in California and giving workers a voice?” asked Yvonne Walker, SEIU representative.

“Collective bargaining allows two very important things: for ordinary working people to be a partner with management, and for working people to organize so you're not an isolated individual with no power,” answered Brown.

Union members say they liked what they heard, but they won't be rubber-stamping anyone with their endorsement.

“There is not a candidate out there that gets the SEIU endorsement without earning it,” said Walker.

Voting is going on Saturday night among SEIU members and the results of that vote and who the union will be endorsing is set to be announced Monday or Tuesday of next week.
Public employee unions are accelerating California's financial crisis -- anybody they endorse isn't a friend of taxpayers or fiscal sanity.


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