Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moonbeam's strategy to cut govt spending: have lots of meetings with the politicians in Sacramento

Oh sure, this will work.
As Attorney General Jerry Brown campaigns for governor, balancing the state's budget is his top priority.

"My focus will be on the budget. As (Former President Bill) Clinton said, he said focus on the economy like a laser beam," Brown said during a meeting this afternoon with reporters and editors at The Press-Enterprise. "I am going to focus on the budget like a laser beam."

But how will Brown do that? Over the course of about an hour, Brown repeatedly stressed the need to more intensely engage lawmakers — all 120 of them.

"You need both the Republicans and the Democrats to work together. They don't work together. I'm going to make it happen if I am governor. I'm going to wear them out. I'm not going to be driving and flying all over. I'm going to be in Sacramento. I'm will be engaging them for many hours of the day, many days a week, many weeks of the month, many months of the year," Brown said.

He later talked about a "spirit of cooperation" and "burden sharing" by all in Sacramento.

"We want to, most of all, bring our state budget into balance and that takes the Republicans and the Democrats getting out of their comfort zone," he said. "It's like we have two cults up there and we're going to have to transcend that."

Brown, who held meetings well into the night as governor from 1975 to 1983, said he can envision marathon sessions with lawmakers. "I am not talking about an hour ceremonial photo op," he said.

We've had enough of politicians who talk about cutting spending.

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