Monday, March 22, 2010

Jerry Brown, union boss hit bottom in Whitman slam?

This dig at Whitman by Moonbeam and the head of the California Nurses Association may or may not be below the belt, but I bet most people won't think it's funny.
California Nurses Association head Roseanne DeMoro issued a scathing review of GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman on Saturday: to nurses, she said, "she's Arnold in a dress."

"Without a cigar, or a sense of humor," chimed in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

It was clear Saturday as he went from his talk before the 87,000-member nurses union board to the town hall meeting in Oakland to seek the endorsment of the Service Employees International Union that Brown's mantra is now aggressively populist and anti-Wall Street.
Above is a photo of union boss Roseanne DeMoro.

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