Sunday, November 7, 2010

No bailouts for irresponsible big spenders

Tweeted this on Saturday.

It's just a matter of time til the state can't pay its bills and the politicians will ask the feds for a bailout. Too bad, the responsible states that have already started making cuts won't go along.



db said...

I've got news for you: California already can't pay its bills. "Conservative" Governor Terminator is handing incoming Governor Brown a #20 billion budget shortfall.

Put aside your knee-jerk hatred for all things liberal for a moment, and look at the record of "Governor Moonbeam" versus the outgoing Republican governor: Brown's record of fiscal conservatism makes Schwarzenegger look like a drunk college kid with his first credit card.

If you wanted a fiscally conservative governor, guess what -- he won on Tuesday. If you just wanted another Republican or conservative-in-name-only, then I can understand your disappointment.

Admin said...

Arnold is not a conservative, and never was a conservative. If you remember, Tom McClintock ran against him in 2003 in the recall election. Arnold had one good year - his first one - after that he gave up trying and essentially let the Dems call most of the shots.