Monday, October 18, 2010

Must-see photo of Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown

The picture above, taken at the Jerry Brown/Gavin Newsom rally at SJSU Sunday, tells you everything you need to know about Bill Clinton's campaign rallies over the weekend with Jerry Brown.

Embarrassed about supposedly mean things he said about Bill Clinton -- that Clinton lied about his relationship about Monica Lewinsky -- early in the summer, Moonbeam was forced to apologize.  Not because Brown said anything inaccurate, but because Clinton is, for reasons that escape me, popular among Democrats in California.

Clinton accepted the apology and agreed to campaign with Brown and Newsom this past weekend.

The two men embraced in front of the cameras in an awkward hug at San Jose State University.  The embrace is more embarrassing for Brown because it highlights his weakened state among California Democrats.  For Republicans, Brown's embrace of Clinton is a motive to pull the lever for Meg Whitman.

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