Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meg Whitman says her top priority for admission to state universities is taxpayers, not illegals

Glad to see Whitman is taking the side of the taxpayers.

At a campaign stop in Redding, Whitman pointed out her differences with Moonbeam when it comes to priority for admission to taxpayer-funded colleges.

She chastised Democratic rival Jerry Brown for suggesting at a recent rally that California is still wealthy enough to allow undocumented workers and their children to attend state universities if they qualify.

“Either (Brown) doesn’t recognize we’re in a budget crisis or he’s pandering for votes,” Whitman said, adding she’d give admission priority at public universities to taxpayers.

As he made clear at his speech at UCLA, Jerry Brown's top priority is undocumented workers and their children.

Brown's plan to enroll undocumented workers in state universities shows Brown really doesn't care that the state has a $19 billion deficit.   Voters are finally seeing the real Jerry Brown, and taxpayers can only hope Brown's UCLA statement will sink his election hopes.

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