Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet LA Times reporter Seema Mehta **updated

Any reporter still covering the Nicky Diaz non-scandal is covering unimportant blather.

There are important issues in California to cover.  Ten percent of California's workforce is unemployed, the government is billions in debt, the schools are a disgrace, and public employee pensions are bloated far beyond the ability of taxpayers to fund.  These are the weighty issues facing the state. 

But take a look at the media's coverage of the governors race and you will find tons of coverage of Nicky Diaz.  Which is beyond ridiculous.  The next press conference she speaks at should be relegated to page B17 if covered at all.  Diaz perjured herself when she falsified drivers license record and Social Security information.  And she is violating federal immigration laws. That’s 3 felonies we know about thanks to Gloria Allred telling the world her client is a serial law-breaker.    

So any reporter still covering this non-scandal is a nitiwt and starting today I’m going to choose one nitwit reporter to highlight.

Today’s Nitwit of the Day is LA Times reporter Seema Mehta

Seema Mehta  thinks  voters should know the very latest developments in the important case of Meg Whitman's illegal housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan.

Below is a tweet from Mehta from yesterday.

Wow, Diaz fires back at Whitman (!).  Dramatic stuff there!  Mehta links to her piece telling readers that Gloria Allred filed an administrative claim of $6,200 with some obscure state agency for work Diaz supposedly did but wasn’t compensated for.  I can't begin to describe how inconsequential this claim is.  Just know it is less important than a case filed in Small Claims court. And Mehta says another former housekeeper, Jill Armstrong, "came forward" to vouch to Diaz' claims about Whitman being mean or something.  Gimme a break.  But no matter is trifling to Seema Mehta if it has the potential to help Mehta’s preferred candidate, Jerry Brown.  

Thanks so much for bringing voters the important update, Seema.   I'm sure breathless reporting on important items like this have nothing to do with the massive layoffs that have hit your industry.   

FYI, Carla Hall is named in the byline but according to this profile, it looks like Hall is the junior reporter.

Update: Calbuzz and I have the wrong photo?

Update #2: Post updated to remove the photo I orignially posted; Seema Mehta said it wasn't her.


Anonymous said...

That photo is not of Seema Mehta. Wrong age. Wrong ethnicity. You and CalBuzz need to try again.

Admin said...

12:56 - thanks for the heads up, will search for a better photo and update this post if I can find one.