Monday, October 4, 2010

Enthusism deficit for Moonbeam?... union members from across the state bused to Brown rally - but the gym was just 3/4 full

Forget the polls that show Brown is ahead of Whitman. 

The anecdotal evidence on the ground shows a serious enthusiasm deficit for Jerry Brown.   That's the way it looks to me, anyway.    

Take Jerry Brown's post-debate rally in Fresno over the weekend.  Most of the people who showed up for the Brown rally were union workers bused in from across the state -- but the school gym where the rally was held was still just 3/4 filled, according to Bee reporter John Ellis.

I've pointed out obvious enthusiam deficits for Jerry Brown here and here and here.  I'm not a polling expert, but the number of people who actually show up for Jerry Brown events like this tells you something important.

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