Monday, November 1, 2010

Captivated by moronic street theater protest, California press corps shows how worthless it is

Coverage of the California governor's race by the mainstream media has been abysmal.

Latest example: Associated Press reporter Judy Lin was apparently captivated by a sophomoric street theater protest performed by the ultra-left wing California Nurses Association.  Here is video of the idiotic protest that captured her attention:

The guy in the white shirt and blue tie appears to be Sacramento Bee reporter Jack Chang.  It looks like he starts to giggle at about 3 seconds.  Below is a screen grab of the man who appears to be Jack Chang.

Below is Jack Chang's photo from his Twitter page. Is this the same guy giggling in the video? You be the judge.

The state is $19 billion in debt and faces serious issues, but the low-grade reporters working for mainstream news media don't rise to the challenge.

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