Friday, September 3, 2010

Sacramento Bee's coverage of Jerry Brown's "Latino rally" is pathetic

I know the Bee has had a lot of layoffs and problems, but the Bee's coverage of yesterday's rally at Laney College was pitiful.  Below is the article on the rally that appeared in today's Sacramento Bee.

Not mentioned: the people on stage with Brown were career politicians. Even more newsworthy: the people on stage with Brown almost outnumbered everybody else.

The video below tells the real story. At about 15 seconds the video pans to the crowd and you can see just a handful of reporters and curious onlookers bothered to show up.

Congrats to reporter Carla Marinucci for getting the real story. Via SF Politics blog   Her colleague Joe Garofoli's piece on the rally noted there were "only a couple dozen people" there to see it.

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