Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mainstream reporters covering CA governors race silent on "teabagger" slur by Jerry Brown

So far, the Sacramento Bee has not reported on the "teabagger" slur Jerry Brown used on his appearance on the Hardball show Friday night.

Search the web site for "Jerry Brown" and this is what you find:

A Google News search only turns up the NewsBusters piece.

It is a serious character flaw on Brown's part to demean citizens with this vulgar slur.  If reporters covered the story it would damage Brown's candidacy. 

If Whitman used a slur to refer to the nurses union it would be a major story, and rightfully so.

So why aren't reporters covering it?  One reason: a great number of reporters want Brown to win and are acting as a propaganda arm of the Brown campaign.

I'll let you know what Jack Chang, Carla Marinucci, Joe Garafoli, and their colleagues have to say in their next reports.

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