Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Latest anti-Whitman mailer sent to nurses shows CNA's campaign to defeat Whitman isn't working - among nurses

Does the latest CNA mailer to nurses signal the CNA is losing its grip on rank and file nurses?  I think so.

I obtained the anti-Whitman mailer sent to nurses by the CNA this week and it looks to me like the CNA is still desperately trying to convince nurses to vote against Whitman.

Below is the front page of the mailer.  Claiming Whitman is "at war" with California's nurses is absurd.  More than 100,000 nurses have already received a letter from Whitman which renders the "at war" claim ridiculous.  Whitman's letter was straightforward, calm, reasonable.  She invited nurses to join her advisory board.  She pointed them to her website, Truth for Nurses, designed to correct the misinformation about her.

You'd think by now the CNA would have found an effective line of attack, but the CNA hasn't found one.

Another section of the mailer is an attack on Genevieve Clavreul, portrayed in the flyer as Whitman's Nurse Adviser.  See the slam on Clavreul below.

Fortunately Clavreul has a platform to point out the falsehoods.  A blogger calling herself "raconte" says she is the nurse targeted in the mailer.  Yesterday on her blog, The Nurse Unchained,  "raconte" laid out point by point why each allegation against her is a lie or a distortion.

She is not Whitman's hand-picked adviser, she never endorsed Schwarzenegger’s bid to “rollback” the ratio law, she never campaigned against nurses, and she hasn't travelled around the U.S. fighting RN ratios.  Her quotes in Working Nurse Magazine and in the Boston Globe are edited to distort what she meant.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Doesn't reflect well on the CNA that they have to stoop to lying about Genevieve Clavreul.

This flyer comes on the heels of 2 major missteps by CNA this month.  When CNA bussed in hundreds of nurses to hold a boisterous rally in front of Whitman’s home July 15th, it looked unseemly to a lot of people – including plenty of nurses. Then a $164K a year CNA employee named Mike Griffing assaulted a GOP supporter and the YouTube video of the assault has more than 86,000 hits.

Reading between the lines of the nurse mailer, it's obvious the CNA is still trying to convince rank and file nurses to vote against Whitman -- which is not where the CNA top brass wanted to be just three and a half months before the election.


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