Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finally!... a mainstream reporter notes Jerry Brown's "teabagger" slur

The San Francisco Chronicle's Joe Garofoli is apparently the first MSM reporter to note Jerry Brown's teabagger slur on Hardball.

... Brown also dropped a reference to "tea baggers" on "Hardball" in reference to Tea Partiers.

Uh-oh. TPers find that term offensive, and for those of you wondering why, look here to find out. It ain't about the Lipton.

"Team" Brown spokesperson Sterling Clifford told us: "No offense was intended."
I don't believe Clifford Sterling's claim that no offense was intended.  You can't view the comments section in most American newspapers - much less lefty sites like KOS and the Huffington Post -- without seeing the Teabagger slur over and over.  Lefties who use this slur know what they are doing.

I haven't found any report on Brown's slur in the Sacramento Bee, the LA Times, the San Diego Union, or any paper besides the SF Chronicle.


libhom said...

Teabagger was the original word that the teabaggers used to identify themselves. I remember seeing the teabaggers do it, and it was quite fun to see the anchors on CNN having to suppress their laughter.

Admin said...

Your comment proves my point that lefties who use the term do it as an insult.