Thursday, July 22, 2010

CNA thug Mike Griffing draws funny cartoon about a union negotiator "grabbing Kaiser chick by the throat"

Remember the photo of CNA union thug Mike Griffing teaching union nurses about patient care techniques Alinsky tactics at a recent CNA organizing conference?  A closer look at the photo reveals a lot about the CNA and its tactics.

I enlarged the paper Griffing was holding up to see what patient care techniques Alinsky tactics he was teaching his students.  Turns out Griffing had drawn a funny stick figure cartoon to show his students.   The cartoon shows one stick figure grabbing another by the neck and choking.  Check it out below.

The top two words on the tablet are not legible.  The bottom sentence:  "Kay McVay Reaches Across Table to Grab Kaiser Chick by Throat"

Kay McVay is a negotiator for the California Nurses Association.  Of course what's on the tablet is just a cartoon.  There is no record that McVay physically assaulted anybody the way Griffing did.  But a violent choking cartoon is definitely something a leftist goon would draw.

See a photo of the newly-trained Alinskyite nurses holding up their certificates after the Griffing class here.
In case you missed it, here is the video of cartoonist/thug Mike Griffing knocking the camera out of a GOP supporters hands, then returning to push/hit him.


Lee J. Cockrell said...

They (Mike and presumably the rest of the CNA) feel perfectly justified in their reprehensible behavior. Are there any nurses in California who will put pressure on the union to straighten up their act?

No Governor Moonbeam said...

I don't think the thug tactics by the CNA will work.

They haven't fired Mike Griffing yet, but since they are controlled by far-left hacks, not professionals, I don't think they will fire him.

BTW I have a copy of the letter Whitman sent to tens of thousands of rank and file nurses... most nurses won't go along with the CNA's thug tactics.