Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can you identify another CNA union thug?

Mike Griffing has been identified as the $164k-a-year CNA thug who knocked the camera out of the hands of a GOP supporter, then pushed and hit him several times at an anti-Whitman rally last week. 

Let's take a look at some of the other CNA thugs who were there during the assault, shall we?  Below is the video of the assault.  Pay close attention to the big bald man wearing sunglasses who appears toward the end.

At 1:14 watch Big Baldy approach the incident, positioning himself perpendicular to the cameraman.  At 1:45 he moves so he is facing the cameraman square on, about 2 feet away.  Then he moves forward, getting to about 12 inches away from the cameraman and flashing an Intimidator Smile. 

Below is a screen grab of Big Baldy.  He doesn't shove or hit the GOP supporter, probably because he knows he is being videotaped.  Or maybe it's because he is a junior cadet thug-in-training.  Even though Big Baldy played a lesser role, his presence helped thug Mike Griffing have the confidence to push/shove the cameraman.

I found another photo of Big Baldy on the CNA Flickr page.  The pic below was taken during a street theater protest.  CNA gave Big Baldy a non-speaking role as security for "Queen Meg."

As we ID more of the CNA thugs we might learn how close they are to CNA's leadership team.

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