Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing in Action? Dems are getting nervous that Jerry Brown is nowhere to be seen

For months, GOP candidate Meg Whitman has been airing tons of television and radio ads without any response, and Dems are getting nervous.  The ads are having an impact -- a recent poll showed Whitman and Brown are tied at 43% each among likely voters.

Moonbeam told reporters this week he will make his announcement "very soon," but that hasn't put Dems at ease.

Some Dems are openly talking about similarities between Moonbeam and Martha Coakley, the Dem candidate who ran a lackluster campaign against Scott Brown.

Check out this comment by a nervous Dem posted on a left-leaning blog:

Brown IS totally pulling a Coakley, he’s nowhere to be seen. eMeg’s ads are everywhere. Yesterday I got a worried email from the Courage Campaign asking for money to battle eMeg’s “effective ads” but I told them no. I can’t stand Jerry Brown and I feel like he was pushed on me by the Baby Boomer Big Moneyed Dem Investors, so screw them. I’ll vote for Boxer because she’s an actual Democrat but Brown’s just a tool of the Prison Union etc. But back to the point, I haven’t seen a *single* Brown ad at all. I’ve seen eMeg’s ad so many times I can recite it from memory. Maybe it’s because I live in the hinterlands of the state (Humboldt County, near Oregon) and it’s cheap to buy advertising here, but this is District 1, we vote Democratic every time...

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