Friday, February 26, 2010

Lefty group slams Dem strategist Garry South for making fun of Jerry Brown's age

Dem strategist Garry South was slammed this week by a left-wing activist group working to elect Jerry Brown in the November election.

The editorial board at Calitics, a lefty news blog, published a letter asking Garry South to resign from his position as chief campaign strategist for lieutenant governor candidate Janice Hahn.  The letter was posted on Facebook and on the Calitics web site.  The letter lists a few beefs the group has with South.    But what caught my attention was this tidbit:
... Petty attacks like those you have begun to level against other candidates -- including attacks on Jerry Brown's age -- not only distract from those issues, but they undermine your own candidate...
The letter doesn't state the attacks on Jerry Brown's age they are referring to.  I don't know what quote this group is upset about, but I did some research and discovered a Garry South quote on age that might fit.  Check out this Garry South quote:
"The average male life expectancy in this county is 75.2.  His birthday is August 29. It's going to be pretty obvious that he's 72."
The candidate South was referring to? Not Jerry Brown.  It was John McCain.

Get this: Moonbeam will be 72 - the same age McCain was in 2008 -  when Californians cast their vote for governor this year.

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