Monday, October 11, 2010

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez endorses Whitman

The Whitman campaign announced Monday it has the support of influential Hispanic leader Reverend Samuel Rodriguez.

Meg Whitman today announced the support of the Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president of the largest Latino Christian organization in the U.S. consisting of more than 30,400 churches. He is recognized as one of the most influential Latino leaders in America. He is the lead spokesperson for the 16 million-strong, Hispanic American born again Christian community...
Here is what Rodriquez said:
"I am supporting Meg Whitman today because she is the only candidate who recognizes that no California family can fulfill its goals and dreams without access to good jobs and vibrant public schools that educate our children," Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said. "Recent attempts by Meg's political opponents to exploit Hispanic and corresponding members of the immigrant community for political purposes is morally reprehensible. California Hispanics are not tools of political expediency but rather individuals that stand poised to enrich our society with the revitalization of the values of our founding fathers."

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