Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jerry Brown got so rattled from the debate his keyboard got stuck on ALL CAPS and he didn't even notice

Typing in all caps in a major turnoff in social media like Twitter and Facebook and email.  It makes you look angry or inept.  Not smart if you are trying to communicate with your followers.

And it's a major blunder if you are 72 years old and trying not to draw attention to your age.

So I was stunned to check in on Moonbeam's twitter page after the debate, to see he was typing in all caps.

Didn't he realize his ALL CAPS key was stuck on??  Just reinforces that Moonbeam, at 72, is pretty old.

Below are a few of Moonbeam's post-debate tweets.

Yes, I know Moonbeam's staff does most if not all of the tweeting on Jerry's account. So what what was Brown's staff thinking??

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