Friday, September 24, 2010

Jerry Brown spokesman uses racist slur against Bobby Jindal **updated: Mulholland blames GOP

Democrat operative Bob Mulholland, in Fresno Friday representing Jerry Brown and the Democrats in the upcoming elections, used a racist slur describing Gov. Bobby Jindal. 

Mulholland was with a group of union workers protesting outside a lunch attended by Whitman and Jindal, when he was heard referring to Gov. Jindal as "an anchor baby".

Below is a tweet from Fresno Bee reporter John Ellis, who witnessed the protest attended by Mulholland.

Of course, "anchor baby" is often used generically to describe children born in the US to illegal immigrants.

But I have never heard the term directed at any individual as Mulholland did against Jindal.  In this context it is a ugly slur against Bobby Jindal.

The Brown campaign needs to fire Bob Mulholland then apologize to Bobby Jindal.

Update: Instead of apologizing, apparently Bob Mulholland is blaming the GOP for his slur. See his lame response below.

An honorable man would apologize, but a scoundrel blames somebody else. The Brown campaign needs to fire Mulholland ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Baghdad Bob Mulholland is at it again and digging up dirty trash about Meg Whitman in reference to the illegal alien maid. I can't stand Baghdad Bob or Jerkoff Brown

check this out:

No Moonbeam said...

Just entered the link into Google, but the YouTube video didn't come up... I'll have to look at YouTube for Bob Mulholland video, thanks for the headsuo.