Thursday, August 26, 2010

Government employees, politicians show up for Jerry Brown get-out-the-vote rally in Santa Rosa

The media and the Brown campaign will tell you hundreds of average people filled the Veterans Hall in Santa Rosa Wednesday night to rally for Jerry Brown.

One Jerry Brown liar booster, Nick Velasquez, claimed the hall was filled with locals.  Yeah, right.

The biggest bulk of the people there were government employees and politicians.  At least that is how it appears to me, judging by what was being said on Twitter.

Below is a tweet from an employee of big-spending Dem politician Wesley Chesbro.

Below is a tweet from Dem politician Noreen Evans who is a candidate for State Senate.  Presumably Noreen Evans won't do anything more to reduce the budget deficit than her fellow Democrats in the legislature have done.

Below is a tweet from Dem City Council member Tiffany Renee.  She sees lots of familiar faces.  Gosh, when government employees and politicians from the area get together in a big room, it's like Old Home Week for these people.

Then there is the guy below.  He isn't a politician as far as I can tell, and at first I thought he might really be a local.  But, after a little research I found out he has something going on with Tiffany Renee, the city council member.

Below is a tweet from another big-spending Dem politician, Shirley Zane.  Do you think Zane will lead the charge to cut spending?  Me neither.

Unlike what Nick Velasquez said about locals, turns out the event was organized by leaders, supporters, and candidates of the Sonoma County Democratic Club.  And that is mostly who showed up.

By the way, I expect Whitman events have their share of politicians and staffers. Both parties have an understandable interest in seeing the top of the ticket get elected and they hope the politicians down-ticket don't get swept away. 

But clearly the Santa Rosa crowd is vested in bigger government and isn't serious at all about cutting spending.

And don't believe it when somebody tries to tell you this was a crowd of locals.

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