Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meg Whitman wins bobblehead election at Raley Field

Meg Whitman stays winning

In the gubernatorial battle of bobbleheads Friday night at Raley Field, Whitman's supply of 1,250 dolls disappeared before Brown's – but barely.

"It was neck and neck for a while," said Jennifer Castleberry, the River Cats' senior directing of marketing. "Some early exit polls (one local radio station) actually reported Brown winning, but they were wrong. Whitman ultimately pulled it out at the right-field gate."

So what does this mean? Should the former governor start sweating? Spend more time in the batting cages? The last time the River Cats scheduled a similar promotion, Barack Obama's bobblehead was more popular than the likeness of John McCain, and we all know what happened next.
Results from this bobblehead election are a good sign.

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